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Vector Ready Artwork

What is Vector (camera ready) Art? 

Order art redraw into vector now online

  • We use what is called "vector" or "camera ready art" to print your job right.
  • You can send us any format you have.  However, if you send a bitmap image, we may have to redraw the file for you into camera ready/vector art format.

What is Vector based art?

-- Vector art is made from lines, and is sometimes called 'camera-ready' art.    Files with .eps, .ai, and sometimes .pdf are typical vector art files. 
-- Pixel or bitmap art is made from small squares or dots, and is more common.   Files with .jpg, .png, .bmp are typical bitmap art files. 

  • Most imprinting and laser engraving requires vector based art to be able to give you the best quality output or to create a screen for screen printing.   
  • One feature of vector art is that it can be resized without losing quality.

What file types are Vector based?

Typical Vector File Formats: .ai, .cdr, and .eps - These files require a graphics program (such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator)
Typical Bitmap File Formats
:  .gif, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .png

Important Note:

Saving a bitmap (IE jpg or gif ) as an .eps or .ai file does NOT convert it to vector, it remains a bitmap.  It is better to send the original .jpg file to redraw than to save the jpg as an eps file

  • To change a bitmap to vector format, the art has to be redrawn by a graphic artist.  There are some software packages that can do simple logos without a manual redraw, but they are usually less than accurate when it comes to fonts and details.
  • We can redraw your logo for you, our art redrawing charge is just $20 (others charge $50!).  This charge is for our graphic artist to manually redraw your logo to camera ready vector based art.
  • We typically can redraw a bitmap and have it ready for your review in 1 day.
  • This only needs to be done one time on your first order.  Once we have it in vector, we can use it on any promotional product in the future.
  • Order art redraw into vector now online