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USB Smart Buttons

Changing the Pre-Programmed URL and Seeing Your Click Stats

What is this new feature?

When you place a new order the DPS-129 USB smart buttons, you will be sent a user name / password to a web site where you can change the URL that your smart buttons direct to anytime.  You will also we be able to see how many people are using the buttons, when they clicked etc.  


Is there a demo / page to explain more?

Yes, click here for demo.  This is also the page where you can logon to change the URL 


How do I logon to change the URL?

After you order, you will be given a user name and password?


Can I change to each USB smart buttons to different URL?

No, when you make a change, it will apply to the whole order collectively, not just one button.


Does it work on all your USB smart buttons?

No, it only works on the DPS-129 Deluxe Smart Button manufactured by Buztronics.  
Furthermore it only good on NEW orders after May 2012, it not work retroactively to previous orders of smart buttons.


I already ordered smart buttons in the past, can these be changed to a different URL?

No, they can not.  However on your server you can certainly setup a re-direct from one URL to another.


Can I see how many people clicked our companies USB buttons? 

Yes, you can when you login with this feature.