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Pens on a Lanyard

Looking for Promotional Pens on a Rope or Lanyard?

You have come to the right place.

Custom Printed Pens on a rope, printed with your logo or message. Pen on a cord, breakaway rope pens.  Promotional Pens On A Rope are the coolest way to market any business. They are useful gifts to hand out during corporate gatherings, trade shows and they are great use in the medical community.  Any recipient of these Promotional Pens On A Rope would gladly appreciate them, due to their functionality and unique style they bring to the wearer, since they can be worn around the neck. Make these Promotional Pens On A Rope a part of your marketing


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  1. The Victoria 2 Way Pen

    DPS-2350 The Victoria 2 Way Pen

    Reg. Price: $0.99

    Your Price Each: $0.85

    As low as: $0.69

    Multiple color inks ballpoint pen with safety rope, practice and easy to grasp, simply put in your neck and you will never forget to carry your pen. This ballpoint perfect for any corporate events. Free 1 color imprints personalization. Learn More
  2. Custom Full Color Rope Pen

    DPS-695 Custom Full Color Rope Pen

    The Custom Full Color Rope Pen is plastic medium ballpoint pen with a rope attached to the cap. This promotional pen is of great use to the people who work outdoors or on the move. The pen with always be visible with our high quality full color customization for any logo or text imprinted on it!

    Learn More
  3. Lungsal Plantagent 49

    DPS-2537 Lungsal Plantagent 49

    Reg. Price: $0.77

    Your Price Each: $0.70

    As low as: $0.50

    Personalized push action mini plastic ballpoint in vibrant colors and color matching rope, looks modern and more feminim. Brilliant promotional pen for beauty and health products, you can also use this pen as your daily pens in your office, complete with imprinted motivation quote in pen barrel. Free imprint service. Learn More

Items 11 to 13 of 13 total

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For the people working out of the desk, pen on a rope is an everyday accessory. Those who work at outdoors and on-the-move, find the pens attached to a rope which they can hang around their necks all the time, just the product for them!  These are also called Lanyard pens and are extremely a successful promotional products for the business and medical use.  With every use of the pen, the user is sure to take a good look on the name of the company it came from and have great virtual applauds for them who came out with such a handy accomplice!