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Metal Pens ($1 - $5)

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Custom Engraved Metal Promotional Pens

Free Engraving by laser on our custom metal logo pens!

There are time when you need higher quality, laser engraving that will never wear and a long last metal pen. You found it! If your marketing team is looking for a promotional metal pen that is quality and has free engraving, then choose our quality designed metal logo pens.  Most of these are decorated by precision laser engraving.   Metal logo pens have a longer promotional life and convey an image of quality for your company.   Best of all laser engraving never wears off! We carry both twist action and click action pens, as well as capped rollerball versions.

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  1. Informa Pen

    DPS-2545 Triangle Informa Metal Logo Pen

    Triangle barrel metal pen with space to advertise your message and logo. Laser engraved. Comes in gleaming anodized finish and free laser engraving service (1 line, 1 side), perfect as daily pens! Learn More
  2. Signator Pen

    DPS-2562 Signator Black and Blue Ink Pen

    Reg. Price: $2.78

    Your Price Each: $2.59

    As low as: $2.19

    Two in one black and blue ink metal ballpoint pen in simple twist action mechanism. No more problems deciding on blue or black ink in your ballpoint, one pen is enough to cover it. This two ink pen will look great with your logo on it! Free laser engraving personalization engraving on the pen barrel. Features : - Black and blue inks in one pen - Available in 4 colors - Simple minimalist metal pen design

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  3. Zonita Stylus Pen

    DPS-2587 Zonita Stylus Pen

    Reg. Price: $3.19

    Your Price Each: $2.90

    As low as: $2.58

    Hour glass shape twist action jumbo Zonita ballpoint pen with high gloss enamel barrel and soft comfortable rubber grip. At the center you will find an attractive chrome band with oval pattern and at pen top you will get smooth stylus tip for your touchscreen devices. Free engraving logo! Features: - Black ink cartridge only - Two in one ballpoint and stylus - Available in 4 colors option

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  4. Sobe Stylus Pen

    DPS-2588 The Sobe Stylus Pen

    Reg. Price: $3.03

    Your Price Each: $2.69

    As low as: $2.15

    Triangular-shaped Sobe Metal Stylus ballpoint pen with jumbo ink cartridge, comfortable rubber grip and soft rubber stylus for touch screen devices at pen top. This retractable ballpoint pen has 3 side imprint area, more space to promote your brand and slogan. Prices include 1 line engraving in 1 location! Features: - chrome trim - Two in one ballpoint and stylus - Solid brass construction - Available in 5 colors option Size : 0" H x 0" W x 5.5" L

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  5. Mercury Stylus Pen

    DPS-2600 Mercury Stylus Pen

    Reg. Price: $3.99

    Your Price Each: $3.50

    As low as: $2.98

    New comer, 3 in 1 stylus pen with LED light. A valuable combination of soft comfortable stylus for touchscreen devices with reliable ballpoint pen for any writing needs and powerful LED light as emergency lighting for reading at low light condition. Our stylus guarantee works at any capacitive touchscreen devices, free laser engraving personalization! Features: - Super responsive capacitive stylus pens - 3 functions, LED, Stylus and Ballpoint pen - Cap-off design where stylus and LED light in each corner - Solid plastic construction - Compatible with all capacitive touchscreen device - Available on 6 colors option

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  6. Nautica Stylus Pen

    DPS-2602 Nautica Stylus Pen

    Reg. Price: $2.49

    Your Price Each: $2.26

    As low as: $1.95

    3 sided Nautica metal click stylus pen for your promotional campaign, can hold up to 3 messages on each pen. At the pen plunger end you will find soft silicon stylus for your touchscreen gadgets. Free 1 location decoration

    Click action retractable ballpoint pen with soft stylus in plunger. Built with solid plastic material and good as everyday pens. This stylus pen is metal and has a 3 sided triangular design


    - 3 side barrel
    - Soft stylus tip
    - Chrome accents
    - Compatible with all capacitive touchscreen device
    - Available in 4 colors

    Learn More
  7. Bankers VT-2000 Pen Set

    DPS-2606 Bankers VT-2000 Pen Set - Made in USA

    Reg. Price: $9.35

    Your Price Each: $8.50

    As low as: $5.90

    Made in the USA. Top quality ballpoint pen and pencil set for special occasion. This made in USA pen set come in black with elegant gold trim. Each ballpoint pen and pencil are packed in deluxe gift box, complete with free engraving on the lower pen barrel and a black Cross ® type ink refill in the pen.

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  8. /

    DPS-796 Toccoa Matte Metal Click Promotional Pen

    Reg. Price: $1.99

    Your Price Each: $1.36

    As low as: $1.17

    The Toccoa Matte Metal Click Promotional Pen is a classy pen with bold metallic looks and elegant charm and comes with 1 location free laser engraving or your logo and text engraving. This pen is only available in Black Writing Ink.

    Individual gift boxes can be included with additional charges.

    Learn More
  9. Venus II Metal Pen

    DPS-2356 Venus II Pen

    Reg. Price: $3.49

    Your Price Each: $3.15

    As low as: $2.23

    Click action metal pens on colorful barrel design with marble grip, available on blue, burgundy, satin chrome blue, satin chrome green and satin chrome red. Free 1 color imprint or laser engraving in 1 location, full color printing available for minimum order 250 pens with additional setup fee.


    - Click action solid brass ballpoint pen
    - Stylish barrel design with marble grip and chrome accents
    - Available on 5 colors option
    - Free one location imprint or laser engraving
    - Full color printing process available with minimum order 250

    Learn More
  10. Rubber Dot Grip Metal Pen

    DPS-2346 Rubber Dot Grip Metal Pen - Full Color Imprint

    Reg. Price: $4.18

    Your Price Each: $3.80

    As low as: $3.21

    Inspired from the beauty of natural pearl combined with modern chrome accents make this pen looks tough and elegant. Great as promotional product for your corporate marketing campaign. Easy to grasp rubber dot grip metal pen on luxurious pearl silver finish will bring you a superior writing experience. Built from super soft rubber grip material and solid brass metal barrel construction make this pen not only comfortable but also more durable for any writing task.


    - Click action mechanism ballpoint pen
    - Elegant pearl silver finish
    - Modern chrome accents
    - Rubber dot grip
    - Price includes one color screen imprint or gold laser engraved on pen barrel
    - Full color digital imprint on pen barrel available

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Items 11 to 20 of 53 total

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Metal Logo Pens are the quality choice for corporate souvenirs. Nothing can amaze your clients more than a tastefully engraved Metal Logo Pen. We present to you a delectable ensemble of Metal Logo Pens with posh colors and vivid free laser engraving! You read that right, the engraving of your company name or logo is Free!  So choose the best brand name pen and design complimenting your company and budget, No pens will be left in the box, for sure! People have love our metal logo pens.