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Dayspring's Full Catalog Section of Promotional Items

Our main store has the most popular promotional pens & products.
But our full catalog section has our full line of 100,000 products, also with online ordering

promotional items

Question and Answers about our Full Catalog Section


Question: What is the promotional product catalog section?

Answer - Our main store has over 1000 of our best selling products.  It is constantly growing with additional products.  However, if you dont find what you need there, shop in our catalog section, as it has over 100,000 MORE promotional items.  For hard to find items, this is the place to go.  Just click the link above and enter your search terms.


Question:  Why do you have 2 sections?

Answer - Our main store has been around for 15 years, and most of our customers use it.  It has over 1500 of best selling promotional pens and products.  But when we had a chance to add a feed of almost every product on the promotional product market, we jumped at it for our customers.


 Question:  Can I order online from both?

Answer - Yes, you sure can.   Prefer to order by phone or chat?  No problem, we are here to assist. 


Question: I don't see what I need in the main store, will I will find in the catalog section?  

Answer - Yes most likely!  If is not in our database of 250,000 they most likely don't make it.