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Understanding differences in Promotional or Custom Pens Part 1

For almost 20 years Dayspring Pens has been working to provide our customers with a complete range of promotional pens, from value plastic pens to high end brand name corporate gift pens and everything in between.  Choosing the right pen is the key to making both you and your client pleased with your purchase.

Step one I will deal with in this entry – What is your purpose or use for the promotion or award?

Next time, we will outline the grades or differences between the different types of pens.

Step 1 – What is your purpose for the pen

Daily customers will call to ask how much do your pens cost.   Given that we have pens that start at $.19 each and go up to $200 each ( and everything in between), that is harder to answer than one may think.

For example: One time we answered our pens start at $.19 cents each, and the called said “I am looking for something better than that” and ended the phone call.   Another time we answered we have pens in every price range, most are around a $1-5 each, and we got the reply “that is more than I want to spend.”

So, the better place to start is not asking how much they cost, but what are you trying to do with the pens, or what is their purpose.   Telling our sales team your purpose will help us to guide you to the best choices.

(I realize that some customers are hesitant to reveal this for fear that they will ‘sold’ something nicer than what they intended.  We just do not do business like that here at Dayspring. )

Here are some common purposes for promotional or custom pens

- Mass hand out or distribution.  Examples are: Tradeshows or fairs, even dropping them from a helicopter, or for common use around the office.

- More targeted client gifts.  Examples include a seminar for your clients, where you want a little nicer pen.  Or sales calls where you want to leave a gift.

- Company gifts.  For rewarding your team, or employees with “x” number of years, or holiday awards.

- Executive awards.  Examples can be for board members, or high level meetings, international trip gifts etc.

And the list could go on and on.

Each purpose would have a different ‘class’ of pen that would be best.  You would not want to give out a plastic promo pen in a board meeting, nor a corporate pen left on your trade show table for hundreds to pick up.  ( although they would go fast!)

Next time we will discuss understanding the options when it comes to choosing a pen, there are more than you think!

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