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More New Stylus Pens on the way!

What are most companies using this year for promotional pens?  Pens with stylus, custom printed with your logo.  The reason is simple, it is the best of both worlds for today’s users.  We carry a full line of plastic and metal stylus pens, and this week we are expanding the stylus pen line with new selections!

Want a popular stylus pen suggestion?  Take a look at the Jetstream stylus pen.  This is the classi style that has been popular for years, only modified with a stylus tip handy when you need it.

Jetstream stylus pens

Jetstream stylus pens

Understanding differences in Promotional or Custom Pens Part 1

For almost 20 years Dayspring Pens has been working to provide our customers with a complete range of promotional pens, from value plastic pens to high end brand name corporate gift pens and everything in between.  Choosing the right pen is the key to making both you and your client pleased with your purchase.

Step one I will deal with in this entry – What is your purpose or use for the promotion or award?

Next time, we will outline the grades or differences between the different types of pens.

Step 1 – What is your purpose for the pen

Daily customers will call to ask how much do your pens cost.   Given that we have pens that start at $.19 each and go up to $200 each ( and everything in between), that is harder to answer than one may think.

For example: One time we answered our pens start at $.19 cents each, and the called said “I am looking for something better than that” and ended the phone call.   Another time we answered we have pens in every price range, most are around a $1-5 each, and we got the reply “that is more than I want to spend.”

So, the better place to start is not asking how much they cost, but what are you trying to do with the pens, or what is their purpose.   Telling our sales team your purpose will help us to guide you to the best choices.

(I realize that some customers are hesitant to reveal this for fear that they will ‘sold’ something nicer than what they intended.  We just do not do business like that here at Dayspring. )

Here are some common purposes for promotional or custom pens

- Mass hand out or distribution.  Examples are: Tradeshows or fairs, even dropping them from a helicopter, or for common use around the office.

- More targeted client gifts.  Examples include a seminar for your clients, where you want a little nicer pen.  Or sales calls where you want to leave a gift.

- Company gifts.  For rewarding your team, or employees with “x” number of years, or holiday awards.

- Executive awards.  Examples can be for board members, or high level meetings, international trip gifts etc.

And the list could go on and on.

Each purpose would have a different ‘class’ of pen that would be best.  You would not want to give out a plastic promo pen in a board meeting, nor a corporate pen left on your trade show table for hundreds to pick up.  ( although they would go fast!)

Next time we will discuss understanding the options when it comes to choosing a pen, there are more than you think!

New Corporate Pens Added Just in time!

Just in time for the business giving season, Dayspring has added new Corporate business pens to our site.

When it comes to pens, it is helpful to know that there are:

If you looking for a promotional pen to put in with a card or handout out in bulk, then a good promotional metal like our Matrix is perfect.

If you are looking for a pen or set in a case, then our corporate pens are just what you need.

And for special clients, or board members, you should consider a Brand name Cross pen with your logo in it, or a personal name.

As always, we are here to help you find right solution for your business needs.



2013-2014 Promotional Catalogs are here!


Our brand new paper catalogs are in and we sending them out free of charge to you. Full of great promotional ideas for your business or organization, you will keep this handy for your marketing all year!

Just email us your mailing address to confirm you want one.

Or if you can not wait, you can see the virtual paper catalog now.

Either way, we are always here to help you with all your promotional and marketing needs.

Dayspring Pens and Promotional Products Team

New – Now you can change the URL on USB Smart Buttons!

We are excited to announce that on all new order of USB smart buttons – Model DPS-129 only – that you can will be able to change the URL on the buttons and see your click stats for the buttons.

We have set up a question and answer page for this exciting feature here for your review.  These will make the already popular USB smart buttons an even better value as a promotional marketing tool.

Why You Should Consider the NEW TECH4 Pen By Cross

 Why You Should Consider the NEW  TECH4 Pen By Cross

It is new and you may not be aware of it, but Cross has a new high-tech pen that is multi-function.  The TECH4 Pen Collection by Cross. This pen is unique on its own because it combines trendy look with the availability of four writing tips, three inks and a pencil with a built-in eraser that pops up easily for your convenience. Indeed, TECH4 Pen by Cross is gaining popularity among individuals who want to combine comfort and stylish look in writing.

Below are 4 reasons why TECH4 is going to be favored by many:

  1. Multi-functional

A top quality writing pen like TECH4 offers amazing features of a writing tool with its multi-functional 3 colored inks and a window indicator pointing instantly what ink color is in used. Pens like TECH4 are one of the main essentials in our day to day communication because we use pens to write down important notes to our loved ones or colleagues at work or making lists of what to buy and in signing documents.

  1. Attractive

A superb quality made pen like TECH4 would surely attract anyone by mere glance because of its stylish Townsend profile look, making it ideal as gift for any occasion and its smooth touch finish, giving comfort to the user.

  1. Valuable

A TECH4 pen can be used as promotional giveaways or gifts on special occasions because of their vital role in our writing purposes. Any recipient would be thrilled to receive a valuable gift such as TECH4 Pen by Cross and would treasure this pen for a long time, thus, giving your company’s name wider exposure.

  1. Elegant

Each Cross pen like the TECH4 exhibits fine craftsmanship and elegant appeal because you can customize it with your own company’s name or logo, creating an impressive look for your company.

If you are looking for a pen that combines both stylish look and durability without compromising its quality of writing, then, the latest TECH4 Pen by Cross is a sure buy. Why not give yourself that opportunity to experience the superb writing features of the TECH4 Pen By Cross

Get more Fun out of Customized Pens with Papermate Sport Pen

Using promotional pens as giveaways is a common practice with most businesses today. Promotional papermate pens are practical and cost-efficient way to advertise your company. In this age where everything is about branding, taking the time to find a unique, highly efficient and valuable promotional pen will make — or break your business. This is why Papermate Sport Pen is the kind of brand that will also speak volumes about your business’ value.

Papermate Sport Pen Promotional PenGiving away a custom promotional pen is one way to get your business out there. The Papermate Sport Pen is an innovative and functional pen that lasts a long time. Unlike cheap ballpens, this pen has a superb writing quality with your company slogan or logo on it. You can choose a variety of colors to go with your company custom pens from its 28 color combinations. Whether you’re going for a variety of color combination using silver, yellow or frosted white barrels, Papermate just makes it more fun to write!

Papermate Sport Pen is a great way to take your business to a higher level — at a much lesser cost. You can purchase these excellent engraved pens with your logo or slogan in Dayspring Pens and Promotional Products.

Nautica Pen – Promotional Pen

Promotional items such as promotional pens or engraved pen items would make a great giveaway and marketing material to boost your business. Giving away engraved pens gift items is a more efficient way to get people asking and talking about your company. However, if you’re thinking of giving away a cheaper alternative, you might need to think again. Just like your employees, a promotional pen is a direct illustration of what your company stands for. This is why DP-652 Nautica Pen Gold Trim helps your company stand out.

DPS-652 Nautica Pen Gold Trim Engraved Pens GiftMany companies are opting for promotional items such as notepads or sticky pads with their company logos or slogan on them. The DPS-652 Nautica Pen Gold Trim pens are made from high-quality pen containers with superb ink output. With your company’s slogan or logo, this engraved pen writes well in nearly all surfaces and won’t smear like cheap ones. With high quality outputs, the DP-652 Nautica Pen Gold Trim is sure to give your company the kind of value it stands for.

If you’re looking for personalized engraved pens for your company, then check Dayspring Pens and promotional products for more information on where to get superb promotional items for business needs.

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