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DPS-769 The Bic Clic Stic Pen – A Universal Gift For All

Amongst the varied gift options available in the market today, one item that keeps dominating and standing above the rest is the pen, referred as the universal gift for all, whatever the occasion calls for. There are different kinds of pen being introduced and this one is gaining popularity, the DPS-769 The Bic Clic Stic Pen. Why so?

Well, there are countless reasons why this awesome writing instrument, DPS-769 The Bic Clic Stic Pen is categorized as a valuable gift for all:

  • Supreme quality with its break resistant features
  • Varied colors with over 300 combinations to choose from
  • Durable pocket clip for people on the go
  • Tungsten carbide ballpoint for quality writing strokes
  • Customize features allowing the imprint of logo or any catchy slogan

Aside from the above fantastic physical details that the DPS-769 The Bic Clic Stic Pen promises to deliver to its lucky recipients, here are some irresistible marketing advantages that any promoter or business can get from using this unique pen in any promotional campaigns:

  • Budget-friendly

DPS-769 The Bic Clic Stic Pen is being offered at a very reasonable price, especially with bulk orders, giving you great bargains all the time.

  • Varied Promotional alternatives

DPS-769 The Bic Clic Stic Pen with its durable and trendy designs are great promotional giveaways to anyone, since you can personalize them with your logo or any message you want to impart to your target clients. These quality promotional pens are perfect to give during tradeshows, corporate gatherings and other events that can make you fully visible with their attractive 300 color combinations.

  • Pure comfort in style

DPS-769 The Bic Clic Stic Pen, although stylish all throughout, exhibits pure comfort with its retractable mechanism, giving any pen user ease writing experience while offering security with its built-in clip that can be attached to any shirt pockets, ideal for people with busy schedules to have quick access of a dependable pen all the time.

DPS-769 The Bic Clic Stic Pen is indeed a masterpiece writing instrument, perfect to match any personal or marketing agenda you desire at the moment. Rest assured that the DPS-769 The Bic Clic Stic Pen will never let you down with any of your writing needs. Make the DPS-769 The Bic Clic Stic Pen your pen now and feel the big difference in your writing.

4 Amazing Tips: How To Enhance Your Professional Image

Getting to the top isn’t an easy task to do, whether you are a budding entrepreneur running a business or a young executive getting that much awaited promotion that you have been working so hard in the past few months. Once, you get to that peak of success, your effort of enhancing your image relies as well on your whole personality.

Remember, first impressions last, so if you want to maintain that ideal and powerful look on your first meeting with your business associates or colleagues at work, here are 4 amazing tips to project yourself as someone reliable, credible and smart:

1.      Wear for success

People often give high regard to someone who is dressed appropriately. Now, that you belong to the top executive or a prominent businessman, it’s time to dress according to the occasion. If you are set for a business meeting or convention, find a nice corporate or business attire to match the event.

2.      Invest in quality business/corporate accessories

Nowadays, it is not only what you wear that captures one’s full attention. In fact most successful executives and entrepreneurs do invest in high-end accessories to complement their overall powerful image like buying top quality writing pens such as a dependable executive pen set for those important signing of deals and documents, having a highly organized leather-made padfolio to keep all business cards, appointments and other reminders in one place and even ordering custom-made memo pads to showcase one’s individualistic and professional look.

3.      Impeccable communication skills

Whether you are an executive or an entrepreneur, having excellent communications skills are important in order for you to communicate effectively and relay any message clearly. Bear in mind that proper communication requires both oral and verbal, so you have to exhibit the highest standards in both areas.

4.      Good etiquette

Knowing how to handle any compelling situations like how you talk or address a colleague at work or a business partner is also vital. Take note that even how properly dressed you are or valuable your things, your good manners count as well to complete your irresistible image for your business or corporate look.

Maintaining a good balance in everything will complete the totality of a personality such as speech, actions, manner of dressing and especially the choice of accessories to use in their day to day activities. Many who succeeded in their chosen careers claimed that one of the best tools that helped them carry on with their responsibilities is the reliability of a good writing pen like the classic executive pen set that will never be outdated even how innovative our world has been. Get one for yourself and unveil the true benefits of a quality writing pen.


How To Select The Ideal Promotional Pen

Advertising your business is already a challenging task to accomplish, what more are your choices of promotional products to go along with your campaigns as various promotional items keep pouring in the market right now. Selecting the ideal one can be very tricky.

If you intend to make use of promotional products like the well-favored pens, here are 4 vital tips to help you decide wisely the right promotional pen for your business.

1.      Determine your marketing venue

Giving out promotional pens depend as well on the place you intend to hand them to your clients. Determine first your choice of venue for marketing like if you will use them for a tradeshow, then a less expenisve or cheaper pens should be used. There is an appropriate promotional pen for the kind of place you choose to give them. For sure an executive pen set is you best pick for your corporate clients and business associates during a convention or conference.

2.      Consider your marketing motives

If you decide to make use of promotional pens, consider your main motive before you finalize your pen orders. If you just want to attract more individuals to visit your tradeshow booth, then opt for pens that are colorful, uniquely designed and require less storage space. Again, economical pens are the right options for this motive, but if you want to make a lasting impression with your valued executive clients, then, top quality writing pens with engraved logos must be your final choice. They maybe a bit expensive compared to those pens used in the tradeshow, but for sure you will gain recognition in the end. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve in the end of each campaign will help you choose wisely the perfect pen to match your marketing needs.

3.      Your overall image

The type of promotional pens you may use may also depend on the overall image you want to project with your targeted consumers. If you want to showcase stability and elegance, then classic executive pen sets are the most suitable type of pens you will purchase. There are numerous promotional product providers who offer top quality pens with affordable pricing packages for bulk orders. Scout the best deals online.

4.      The budget you are willing to spend

In every marketing campaign, your marketing budget is a determining factor when choosing the type of pens that you will use together with your motives. Again, decide how much money are you willing to spend for promotional pens at your tradeshow event? After weighing all the expenses and the possible outcome at the event which could turn out positively and more potential clients, then, go and order your preferred pens to go with your campaign.

The entire success of any marketing campaign depends on many factors like budget, motives and most of all the type of promotional products you will use. Even if you invest huge amount of money to some promotional products that are not widely favored, then, your efforts are put into waste, so choose the right promotional products like the functional pens where you can show off your logo. Be driven to excel.

Wood Pen Review

Just a kind note from a customer today who bought these wood pens.

Many thanks for expediting my order, which arrived yesterday, in time for me to distribute today.  The pens are lovely.  Your company did a great job getting them to me on time.  Look forward to doing business with you again.  I’ll also recommend you to others.