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Level Up Your Marketing Campaign: Use Promotional Pens

Nowadays, as competition among business owners get tougher and tougher in their motives of offering the same services or products, it is always their target to perform effectively in whatever marketing campaign they intend to launch to their potential clients. With global crisis still at bay, most companies spend hours of planning and crucial decision making as to what would be their next move to attract more audience.

One marketing technique that has been a top choice among marketers is the use of promotional products particularly promotional pens as part of their advertisements. Unknown to most businesses, these promotional pens when used appropriately and strategically to your chosen market can indeed be the secret formula of a successful marketing campaign.

Below are some of the countless benefits why promotional pens are the ideal giveaways to be given out to your preferred niche or group of consumers:

  • Cost-effective

Promotional pens are affordable in every sense because of their actual size they only occupy less space which means you can order in bulk wherein you get the most savings for your budget. Aside from that you can maximize the space when using promotional pens for your tradeshow booth.

  • Usability

Pens in general are vital in our day to day activities. We use pens for all our writing purposes and in relaying important messages to our friends, loved ones, colleagues at work or even to our business partners. A promotional pen would be highly appreciated when given in the form of gift or part of a marketing campaign not only for its usability and function, but also anything given for free gives the impression that your company is a stable one, thus leaving an impressive remark to the eyes of the receivers.

  • Customize availability

If you want to improve your marketing strategy, then, the best way to achieve this goal is to customize your pens for that added elegant look and unique presentation of your company. Most promotional product providers like allow you to be more creative when it comes to customizing your promotional pens, either by imprinting your company logo and other important details to increase branding awareness. You can even put them in custom made boxes to make your promotional pens look expensive without actually spending much. They can be perfect gift ideas for your upcoming corporate gathering with your business associates.

  • Wider coverage

Promotional pens can be handed in any occasions like trade shows, product or service launch, reunions or a part of your bundle promo to entice more clients to avail the offer you have for them. Since, they come in small items, they can be easily carried and passed on from one person to another, thus, allowing your business to gain popularity in a wider coverage and exposure since more individuals can see you promotional pens as one use it for his/her writing needs.

Promotional pens have indeed dominated the whole promotional industry when it comes to attaining your marketing goals in a wider extent or getting the full attention of your intended consumers with very reasonable costing.

If you want to perform well to your next marketing campaign, then consider the real power that these promotional pens can deliver to your business and be amazed with your sales report in the end. For your promotional pens, check this site They are highly recommended in the entire advertising industry when dependability and top quality pens are your concerns. Take your pick now.


Get more Fun out of Customized Pens with Papermate Sport Pen

Using promotional pens as giveaways is a common practice with most businesses today. Promotional papermate pens are practical and cost-efficient way to advertise your company. In this age where everything is about branding, taking the time to find a unique, highly efficient and valuable promotional pen will make — or break your business. This is why Papermate Sport Pen is the kind of brand that will also speak volumes about your business’ value.

Papermate Sport Pen Promotional PenGiving away a custom promotional pen is one way to get your business out there. The Papermate Sport Pen is an innovative and functional pen that lasts a long time. Unlike cheap ballpens, this pen has a superb writing quality with your company slogan or logo on it. You can choose a variety of colors to go with your company custom pens from its 28 color combinations. Whether you’re going for a variety of color combination using silver, yellow or frosted white barrels, Papermate just makes it more fun to write!

Papermate Sport Pen is a great way to take your business to a higher level — at a much lesser cost. You can purchase these excellent engraved pens with your logo or slogan in Dayspring Pens and Promotional Products.

Nautica Pen – Promotional Pen

Promotional items such as promotional pens or engraved pen items would make a great giveaway and marketing material to boost your business. Giving away engraved pens gift items is a more efficient way to get people asking and talking about your company. However, if you’re thinking of giving away a cheaper alternative, you might need to think again. Just like your employees, a promotional pen is a direct illustration of what your company stands for. This is why DP-652 Nautica Pen Gold Trim helps your company stand out.

DPS-652 Nautica Pen Gold Trim Engraved Pens GiftMany companies are opting for promotional items such as notepads or sticky pads with their company logos or slogan on them. The DPS-652 Nautica Pen Gold Trim pens are made from high-quality pen containers with superb ink output. With your company’s slogan or logo, this engraved pen writes well in nearly all surfaces and won’t smear like cheap ones. With high quality outputs, the DP-652 Nautica Pen Gold Trim is sure to give your company the kind of value it stands for.

If you’re looking for personalized engraved pens for your company, then check Dayspring Pens and promotional products for more information on where to get superb promotional items for business needs.

Custom Sharpie® Stainless Steel Pen – a Stylish and Functional Corporate Promotional Pen

Custom promotional pens would make a great giveaway for companies who wanted to get the ‘word out there’. These customized pens appeals to business owners and office workers. By giving out these custom-made pens with your logo on it, this strengthens your company’s credibility and increase visibility. By killing two birds with one stone, you’re bringing more profit to the company and keep customers satisfied. And where exactly can you find quality and budget friendly promotional pens?

Custom Sharpei Stainless Steel Pen

If you’re looking for great custom pens for your company, then the Custom Sharpie® Stainless Steel Pen deliver just that! It’s made for long-lasting functionality with an elegant design that makes a great company promotional pen. This product also features two unique imprinting areas where you can imprint your business logo and text. By purchasing the Custom Sharpie® Stainless Steel Pen, you’ll also get one location and a color imprint laser engraving.

For more information on where to get affordable and quality promotional pens, check out Dayspring Pens.

We Believe Customer Service Should Be…

We Believe Customer Service Should Be…

Knowledgeable - Our reps will help you find the right solution from our product offering of over 200,000 promotional products.  We want to help you find what is right for you, right for your budget, and on time for your event.

Friendly  -We try hard every day to smile on the phone.  The way we see it, life and business are hard enough.  Our job is help you making buying promotional products as simple as possible.

Quick to Respond - We respond to all phone, chat, and email inquiries fast.  We aim for less than 2 hours, and often time can reply in minutes.  And one more thing, we will carefully read your comment to be sure we understand before we reply.

… And we work hard every day to prove it our customers

Rosewood Pen Set Feedback

This customer ordered this triple rosewood pen set and emailed us their thoughts about it today.

Hi, I just wanted to say the pen sets are beautiful – we received them earlier in the week but I was off a few days and didn’t get a chance to say so.

Thanks for much for all your help and your company does a wonderful job.  We will use your services again when these run out.

Thanks again and have a great rest of the day


March 2012

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